Out of this world GPS treasure hunt around your chosen location

5 - 250 people

Fun Competition

UK Wide

Ideal for Mixed Groups
2-3 Hours

Unites teams & individuals

Houston, we have a problem! Whilst on a planetary exploration mission, you and your team find yourselves in the eye of a sudden geomagnetic storm. You crash land during your mission to outer space. Your spaceship is damaged and emergency protocols fail. Your surroundings look familiar, but something just isn’t right. 

After a live virtual briefing from you event manager, via a video meeting link, teams will head out on to the streets of your choice to take on a game that’s out of this world. Parts of your spaceship have been spread around the local area and your team will need to quickly locate them and get back to the ship before it’s too late. There are codes to crack, puzzles to solve and interactive challenges to complete along the way. 

As you complete tasks and unlock life points, you’ll need to use the parts you’ve collected to repair your craft’s dashboard. It’s all systems go as you compete with other teams to keep your life points up, collect the necessary items and get back to your home planet. Be aware though, curveballs exist on this strange planet and they’re a risk to your all-important life points. 

What's Included

  • Bespoke online game platform 
  • Virtual high-tech challenges
  • Tasks and games for everyone
  • Experienced delivery team
  • Results Ceremony
  • Mobile app

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