Last weekend was my first sighting of those Christmas Decorations – it has started……..

I love Christmas and everything about it but there is one thing I know every office needs help with so here at Out The Office we decided to give you a few pointers for that dreaded office Secret Santa.

Once again the dreaded Secret Santa is back and you can already hear all those office workers wracking their brains to find that perfect gift which will prove to be the best in town. If you are currently struggling to get any inspiration like many others then we have come up with some tips of what NOT to buy your co-workers.

Chocolate Body Paint – This is well renowned as the gift of choice by the office perv every year since 1994. It’s not funny, nobody likes it and it is tacky.

The Over-budget Item – Trying to hard is not great and spending too much money does not make you look great – maybe your getting your fair share of that salary cake.

The Cheap Option – The complete opposite, this person is bitter about their low wages – only allowed if they get the boss!

The Freebie – We all get free stuff all the time, it has been sitting on your desk for 6 months, re-gifting this is not the one, it really does take the biscuit.

The Thoughtless gift – being unimaginative and ignoring all the fun of Christmas by popping to the local shop and getting a voucher – bore off!

The Subtle Hint – my mother always told me that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all, even if said with a present so freshening body spray or weight loss manual is a big no-no.

The Insult – Clothing is probably not a safe bet, guessing someone’s size is a recipe for disaster.

The Funny Present – Unless you really know them then don’t get that funny gift, hair dye, anti-wrinkle cream just may not be funny in their eyes.

The last minute gift – You really need to put some thought into these presents and there is no excuse for just grabbing something out of the stationary cupboard.

The Christmas Gift – I know it’s Christmas and it is Secret Santa but normally these gifts are given out so late then it just gets wasted and can only use it for a week or so.

All of us here at Out The Office say get organized now and Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!