Everyone here at Out The Office loves Christmas and really getting into the spirit of things, the Christmas songs are full pelt, the jumpers are on and everyone is in great spirits. We know what is like at Christmas and money seems to disappear very quickly so we have come up with some helpful tips for festive savings;

1. Have a good look about – you really need to shop around, don’t just buy from the first shop you look in as there is always better options if you spend
your time looking properly. Also if you have a Smartphone have a look online as they always have discount codes that will save you a fortune.

2. Haggle – Do not be afraid to haggle, there is always a deal out there and they want your custom so just go for it as there is nothing to lose.

3. New Customer – Just putting a different email address normally will save you some money as all businesses love getting new customers joining.

4. Start early doors: August/September is the best time to begin Christmas shopping, as this is when all the sales begin.

5. Freebies – A lot of great gifts are for free, a lot of websites give out freebies all year round and they can fit perfectly as great stocking fillers.

6. Last thing on the list should be food – please leave this to the last minute, vegetables will always have discounts, also why not sign up to review websites as you get loads of free stuff then.

7. Save all year round: Saving a little bit of money throughout the year can really help at Christmas. Just £10 a month will give you £120 to spend.

8. Shop online: Online shopping is great for saving and all from your own home. Many shops offer loyalty boosts, such as Tesco Clubcard, discount codes and flash sales.

9.Make your own Christmas Cards – Buying everything to make them works out cheaper, may take a bit more time but they can look fab and really shows you care. Also if you have kids it’s a great thing to do with them and add that personal touch.

10. Christmas treats – There are so many great offers in supermarkets for chocolates or drinks at Christmas as they love a deal so go there and have a butchers at what you can get.

Hopefully this will help save those pennies at Christmas!