An amazing collaborative team building activity with teams making amazing sounds out of all kinds of junk

Dustbins, car wheels, drainpipes, scrap metal… to many, that’s just a bunch of junk, but to us, it’s an industry of sound. Welcome to The Junk Ensemble, a unique team building experience that empowers participants to create a huge array of sounds and rhythms that will leave them animated, amazed by their own achievements and optimistic about life.

What happens on the day?

The Junk Ensemble is an amazing musical journey with inanimate objects and junk used to tread new boundaries in music making. Nothing is spared in this recycling excursion.

Drainpipes: u-bends really do make for an interesting resonance when played with foam bats Car Wheels: a wheely good metal sound can be thrashed out on old car wheels Metal bins: the funky bin offers anything but a rubbish sound; when struck with broom handles, the clatter of metal provides the driving hum for the whole group.

Participants work together to foster team cohesion through drumming and rhythm. After an unbelievably short time, a fantastic Junk orchestra is created from nothing (literally). The Junk Ensemble delivers on its promise by leaving participants happy, energized and completely engaged. There’s nothing quite like learning the art of communication through music.

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