The Get Out The Office team arrives bright and early to make sure the venue is looking excellent for the evening’s event. Deliveries left right and centre, and everything really coming together to make it one exceptionally special night for the GForces team. It’s 6.45pm at the Ashford International Hotel, the scene is set, the music is playing, the fountain is on and the GForces guests start to arrive. They are instantly hit by the amazing Great Gatsby themed reception room where the Champagne is flowing, photos are being taken by the New York backdrop and the guests are eagerly anticipating what is going to happen with the evening activities.

The host calls the guests into the main room where they can’t believe their eyes – how the room has been transformed! The drapes looking amazing, the fountain centrepiece and the flowers everywhere make it look like the real Great Gatsby Party. Everyone takes to their seats where they enjoy the presentations, awards and great food and when they think that is it, they are well and truly wrong.

The IT girls finally arrive and all everyone can think is WOW! They are truly amazing and really make the event, the singing and dancing goes down a storm and really gets the crowd going. It is fantastic to see everyone on the dance floor really enjoying themselves and celebrating a great year.

Debbie Smith MD of Get Out The Office says “It is a delight to see all the hard work and plans really come together and see everyone having such a good time, me and my team have thoroughly enjoyed the event and are absolutely delighted with The IT girls, they even gave me goosebumps I thought they were that good”

Tim Smith Director at GForces says “It’s been a really strong year and the staff really deserved something big and I just can’t believe what a fantastic event the Get Out The Office team have produced. The amazing setting really hits you when you walk into the room, and it has been an incredible night to end the year, thank you to everyone.”