Top Ten Social Distancing Team Building Activities while in Lockdown

Team building continues to reinvent itself into different formats to accommodate common objectives, but still staying within the guidelines of Covid-19.

Companies are still investing in their people to ensure motivation and collaboration in distanced times, but their needs have changed.  The primary objectives are still there, but businesses are seeking solutions to continue team development in safe environments.

As conditions start to ease, teams are looking ahead at future events and how they can be safe for all participants.  Social distancing is one of the highest priorities.

We’ve put together our top ten concepts for social distanced team building activities.

#1 – Scatter Gun

A socially distanced team are given individual maps showing the location of a variety of challenges.  One communicator stays at HQ to coordinate everyone via two way radios.  When each person reached their first mapped location, they radio through what they find.  Everyone will gather individual clues, all of which accumulate to the answer to each task, if they fathom it out!  As team progress, they collect giant jigsaw pieces.  Once complete all pieces are dropped off at HQ ready for one nominated person to try and build the final puzzle.  The first team to complete it win!



#2 – The Masterpiece

An art-based challenge where socially distanced individuals have to copy a nominated part of a large picture into an art canvas.  From spaced out tables, teams have to share their progress to ensure the sections of the canvas flow to connect with each other.  This makes the bigger picture when all the parts of the image are placed by our team and revealed on a giant frame.



#3 – Escape Room

An adapted version of popular escape rooms, but socially distanced compliant.  Instead of teams being confined in a room, they are distanced completing individual tasks to earn information to communicate to the team leader.  The team leader will be guided by team mates to solve clues to try and unlock various items leading to a final cage which reveals the prizes.




#4 – BBQ Champions

Hosted by a Michelin star chef, individuals each have a dedicated outdoor cooking station complete with a range of ingredients, utensils, and a BBQ.  Everyone will watch a central demo by our chef showing you a range of different techniques and recipes to cook amazing food on the BBQ.  We’ll also show you the best way to get the most consistent heat from a charcoal BBQ.  Each person will cook a set piece, all of which are judged at the end based on taste, visual appeal and creativity.



#5 – Bakeathon

Another cookery event, but this time, based on baking, as per the famous TV show.  Individuals are distanced on cooking stations, all complete with everything they need to create something amazing.  Teams connect as they all have a dish to create which is divided amongst the group members.





#6 – Challenge 100

Distanced around the room each individual is given a pack containing details of 10 tasks.  With 10 people per team, that’s 100 in total.  The aim of the game is to complete as many of the tasks, games and challenges around the room as possible.  Everything works on an individual basis, so there is no close contact.  For every task completed, individuals accrue points at the score desk.  It’s as simple as the more tasks you complete, the more points your team earn!




#7 – Under Pressure

Distanced apart on challenge stations individual have to nominate a player to come forward to complete a nail-biting challenge.  These are individual based, with amazing audience participation.  Big points are awarded for the top player from each round, leading to a exciting finale.





#8 – Crime Scene Experience

Faced with a recreation of a crime scene, individuals collaborate findings to their team by completing a range of forensic challenges.  For each challenge, individuals are delivered a fresh set of kit, by our team who also socially distance.  Tasks include fingerprint dusting, hair and fibre analysis, FBI style digital e-fit recreation and blood splatter analysis.  Groups coordinate their findings as they progress, to finally conclude on who they think was the killer, what was the motive and which murder weapon was used.




#9 – Sports Super Stars

Taking elements from classic school sports days, The Olympics and modern day sports, socially distanced teams rotate around a variety of different sports zones.  At each zone they nominate a player to come forward to take on the competitors.  All the activities and players are socially distanced and all kit is disinfected per round.  Games include: Penalty shootout, archery, foam javelin, shot-put, welly wanging and the classic egg and spoon race.




NUmbers on screen at a stock exchange#10 – Wall Street Winners

Step into the face paced trading world of our Wall Street themed trading game.  Individuals each have a trading desk where they are fed information on a giant screen showing the share price of variety of companies.  During the event a number of on-screen news clips are played, as well as newspaper articles being delivered.  All the information contains cryptic clues which may or may not affect the share price of the companies.  Individuals have to covertly communicate using hand signals and gestures to decide whether to buy or sell.  Inevitably, at the end of each trading day, the updated share prices are displayed.  It’s a fast-paced battle to buy low and sell high to make the most team money as possible.



Visit our contact page and get in touch to discuss how GOTO Events can run your next social distancing team building activity.  Our team will advice you on the correct policies and how we can run the right style of event for you, ensuring your participants are in a safe controlled environment.

Team building while in isolation has been very much about virtual experiences.  As restrictions start to lift, GOTO Events will follow and comply with all government guidelines and regulations to deliver compliant events that offer the main benefits of team building, whilst keeping everyone socially distanced.

Please note that these activities are not yet available until government guidelines permit the safe running of group gatherings.   We will be updating week on week as to the progress on the events industry.

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