Based on the ITV Family Fortunes Show this brilliantly fun and interactive event will have teams guessing what “100 people surveyed” had said in response to a question (e.g. “we asked 100 people to name something you’d associate with the Royal Family” or “we asked 100 employees of your company “what is your fastest selling brand”).

The first team on the buzzer will have the right to guess first, and the team whose member gave the highest answer will have the options to “play” or “pass”. If a team managed to come up with all the answers given by the “100 people surveyed” they will win the point equivalent to the total number of people who had given the answers. Every time a team gives an answer that was on the board, the family would receive a “strike”, accompanied by an “X” with the infamous “uh-uhh” sound.

Steal the Money
If teams have three strikes, the other team will have the chance to come up with one answer that might be among the missing answers. If this answer was among those given by the “100 people surveyed”, the other team would “steal” the money; if not, the team who had given the three incorrect answers would win the points anyway.

Bespoke Energisers
Our quiz and game shows are highly interactive and are designed to get your delegates working together as a team and they are fantastic fun! Specifically designed so no individual is in the spotlight, they really do encourage team effort.

We can arrange giant theatrical projection screen sets and the whole quiz can be tailored and branded around your specific individual company requirements, otherwise just our props, staff and a data projector is all we need. By adding some company questions, to see how well your speakers have been received or include feedback in a fun format we can add these to our totally bespoke quizzes and gameshows.