What to look for in a leader

Building a good leadership team is essential for any business that wants to achieve. Whether an office manager or project leader, all leaders require certain skills to help them interact positively with other team members. Skills that you’ll need to look for when hiring for leadership roles in your company include:


Leaders need to be able to explain goals and tasks to employees in a clear and succinct manner. They must master all forms of communication, from one to one conversations, to motivational speeches to an entire workforce. As well as this, they must be able to converse effectively via phone, email and even social media.

What many people don’t understand is that a big part of communication involves listening, and this means that leaders need to establish an efficient flow of communication between team members and themselves. As such, leaders should ensure that they’re regularly available to discuss issues or concerns with employees.


Leaders should be able to motivate workers to go the extra mile for a business. This could involve building self-esteem via recognition or rewards, or by offering staff the opportunity to take on new responsibilities. Employees should be made to feel like they’re a vital asset to the company and that their hard work is appreciated. Good leaders should be able to identify effective motivators for encouraging productivity in the workplace.


Positivity is an important trait of a leader as it can help to create a happy and relaxed work environment. This is especially important during busy or stressful periods when constructive attitudes are essential. Employees will be more likely to want to be at work and will be more willing to out the hours in to achieve results for the business.


A good leader will be willing to take responsibility not just for the successes of a team, but the failures too. They should accept the blame when something goes wrong, as well as celebrating when things go right. They should look to devise clear solutions to rectify issues. If employees see their leader blaming others, they’ll lose respect for them, which can be disastrous for a business.

As a manager, you’ll always be keen to improve leadership skills in your workforce. So why not invest in corporate team building activities? Team building events can target leadership specifically, allowing you not only to identify those employees who possess (but who may not have yet had the opportunity to display) leadership traits, but develop existing skills in this area. Targeted leadership team building games provide situations where leadership skills can be developed, practised and enhanced.

Contact our team building experts in the UK to find out how leadership activities can benefit your business. Team building providers work with businesses in various industries, and so you can be sure that they can deliver a service that’s fully tailored to your company’s requirements.

Top 4 tips

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Positivity
  • Responsibility