Top ways to improve productivity in the workplace


These days, employees spend long hours in the office. But how much of the working day is spent productively is another matter. As an employer, you’ll no doubt be keen to increase the level of productivity in your workplace in order to improve your business’s balance sheet. Here are some tips to help you do this…

Instil accountability in your staff

Making your employees accountable for their decisions and actions will encourage them to be more cautious and careful when it comes to completing tasks. This will minimise the risk of mistakes occurring, ensuring that work is completed to a higher standard. What’s more, instilling accountability will also provide them with a sense of ownership, which will encourage them to feel like they have a stake in the business.

Don’t micro-manage your staff

You need to learn to manage your workforce, but without micro-managing. Micro-managing can lead your employees to become too dependent on you and unable to make decisions for themselves. To avoid this, begin trusting them to get the job done themselves. After all, they were hired to do the job, and so they must possess the skills required for the role. Putting faith in your staff and their abilities will encourage them and give them the self-belief that they can achieve results.

Reduce distractions

Social media is a big killer of productivity. However, it isn’t practical or fair to have a no-phone policy within the workplace. Instead, take steps to keep your staff focused and engaged whilst allowing them a certain level of breathing room.

Motivate and reward

Many managers fail to give their staff recognition when they complete a task to a high standard. This can lead to a drop in employee morale, and a resultant decrease in productivity. Rewarding your workforce with bonuses can demonstrate how much you value their hard work and will give them motivation to continue working hard. If budget constraints mean you can’t give them a bonus, offer words of encouragement instead, or provide rewards such time off or an increased number of leave days.

Invest in team building events

 Team building events run by team building companies in the UK can be a great way to improve employee productivity levels. Your staff will participate in various activities that can encourage them to work as part of a team in order to achieve a common goal. They can then take these newly developed teamwork skills into the workplace in order to carry out work in a productive manner. Better teamwork in the workplace can result in tasks being completed faster and to a higher standard, which is excellent news for your business’s bottom line.


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Improving productivity in your workplace can maximise your business output and minimise your costs. Put simply, it can allow you to get more high-quality work done in a shorter amount of time, whilst reducing your company’s financial outlay. Higher productivity can ultimately achieve a higher level of profit for your business.


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Top 5

  • Instil accountability in your staff
  • Don’t micro-manage your staff
  • Reduce distractions
  • Motivate and reward
  • Invest in team building events