Team building events offer a vast range of benefits, including improving employee performance and promoting cooperation amongst staff. They can also help to broaden the understanding of company goals. However, if improperly designed, they may serve no purpose whatsoever, and may even damage team morale. Consider these team building tips to ensure that your next event goes smoothly…

Choose activities wisely

The activities that you choose should serve as simulations of the problems that your employees face in the workplace on a daily basis. This requires you to define these struggles first. For example, if your staff are currently trying to adapt to a new matrix-style organisational structure within the business, then choosing exercises that involve small teams working together to achieve a goal could be appropriate.

Avoid events that are too physically demanding

If physical endurance or strength aren’t required for success within your business, there’s no reason why it should play a role in your team building activities for work. It’s a good idea to consider the composition of your team before setting the level of physical exertion required. It should be low enough that all staff can participate in a satisfactory manner. If you fail to do this, it could affect the morale and esteem of some members of the team.

Follow-up on lessons learned

Even if you design the perfect team building activities, it doesn’t guarantee results. Therefore, it’s important to schedule follow-up sessions in order to assess and measure your team’s progress. Team building events should be carried out on a regular basis in order to drive your business towards success.

Don’t choose taxing or mindless events

To ensure that employees have fun whilst taking part in corporate team building activities, avoid tasks that are mindless, as well as too taxing. You need to strike a balance so that they are challenging, but not unduly draining. With so many team building activities available to you, finding the right ones for your employees to partake in shouldn’t be too difficult.

 Consider hiring a team building events agency

Do think about hiring the services of a team building events company. Depending on your time restraints and the the complexity of the tasks that you’d like to implement, outsourcing the whole process can be a good choice. An experienced team building events agency London can help you to identify what you’d like your event to achieve as well as facilitating the event. It can remove the stress of organising such an event and let you focus on what you do best – running your company!

Team building events can be of great value to your business, and so it’s no surprise that more and more companies in the UK are investing in them. Why not get in touch with us today and take the first steps to achieving a happier, more focussed and better skilled workforce?  It could be the best investment that you’ll ever make!