That’s right people its that time again for another Out The Office blog and this week is all about the Office Party Sins, I know we can all relate to a few of them but we live and learn.

Everyone loves having time off and a bit of fun outside of work but mixing the two can be deadly. Getting to know your work colleagues outside of work is great but you do have to be careful otherwise it could get very awkward. Office parties are always looked forward to and it’s a great time to network and really get to know people in a different light but it is also an opportunity to easily make a career mistake. A recent survey was conducted of people attending a work related outing who have observed the following among colleagues under the influence of alcohol:

•Staff members flirting with each other. (35%)
•Heard a fellow staff member of supervisor share inappropriate details about themselves or a co-worker. (32%)
•Witnessed tension with arguments and aggressive behavior. (20%)
•Finding out secrets of co-workers engaging in sexual activity while under the influence of alcohol. (11%)

There are many traps you can fall in for an office party so here is our top ten of things you should avoid.

1.Don’t crack on with a co-worker
Granted a lot of people end up falling in love with someone you work with be careful when and where it happens otherwise you will never live down making out in the coat closet. The next day you will not only have a hangover but a tarnished reputation and even your job on the line. Remember that co-workers will have their cameras out and with one click of the button it could all end in tears. But you also need to think on the other end, what if they turn down your advances, sexual harassment suit could be on it’s way and be called Creepy Craig all year.

2.Don’t get drunk
Obviously already mentioned the fact about getting too drunk and hooking up with a fellow co-worker but getting too drunk can also make you look like an idiot, say something you shouldn’t, slag a fellow co-worker off or worse – be sick on the boss! Just remember you don’t want to be that person.

3.Don’t dress inappropriately
Remember this is still a work event so be careful what you wear even though it is a party. You are there with people you see every day so they don’t need to see exactly how big your breasts are.

4.Don’t come late and sneak out early
This may be a work function but you still have to make effort so don’t just put in a minimum amount of time in. Attendance is mandatory especially as it will be all everyone talks about for awhile. Rules are that you have to arrive within the first 30 minutes and not fashionably late as everyone remembers who came late and who went early.  Top bosses keep note you should stay the longest – you have been warned.

5.Don’t invite crashers
This is a work party for work people for people that work for the company unless it’s made clear to bring a date but make sure you check first. Do not invite three friends just to try make the event more fun so just grin and bear it on your own and make an effort.

6.Don’t post pictures from the party on Social Media
Everyone loves a bit of fun but posting up pictures of yourself or someone else being an ass only makes it worse.  Plus posting this sort of thing online can be a violation of your company’s HR policy so be careful.

7.Don’t use the party as the time to announce your big news.
Announcing a relationship or any big news is a big NO – NO save it for the right time and place and don’t steal the thunder of the office party.

8.Don’t pull our all your dance moves
Nobody loves dodgy dancing so please save all those awful dance moves for Saturday night out or at home. We all love to dance once we have had a drink but remember this could be filmed and used as blackmail for a long time so please don’t let your hips do the talking.

9.Don’t harass the boss
It is great to meet the boss on a social level and say hello but don’t take up all their time, be polite and say hello but don’t get into deep conversation and talk about your problems or work. They will remember this and you don’t want to ruin your career path via a drunken chat.

10.Don’t gossip too much to anyone
The office party is a great chance to get to know your co-workers better but come on people keep it light, hobbies, travel holidays plans – simple things. Nobody wants anything too strong like religious or political views or even gossip and arguments. Don’t get too honest and slate the job or work colleagues as this could land you in serious hot water. This is not the time or place to complain about your job.

Here at Out The Office hope you take on board these tips for the next office party or gathering, as you really will notice the difference. We have run a lot of corporate events and parties for some big clients and see a lot of this happening in front of us so be careful – remember you see these people every day at work so let’s not mess it up people and just have some simple fun.