The office kitchen always comes with rules and you don’t want to be that chump that gets caught out. Everyone can relate to this, I’ve spotted the guy who doesn’t clean up the spilled coffee beans and the girl eyeing up my meat sandwich. I CAN SEE YOU. For everyone working in the office environment most people know the kitchen etiquette and what rules not too break. For all you people out there who have not been in this situation or need to be refreshed, I am here to help and guide you to less hassle. You don’t want to be that guy.

We can all remember the Friends episode with Ross and his anger issues over his sandwich (Watch the clip here). Being inspired by all of this and having issues in my own work kitchen here our the top 10 things you should avoid doing in the office kitchen if you want to have friends and be back the next day.

Failing to make a new pot of Coffee

Come on, if you are the last person having that cup of Coffee and it runs out then please fill it up. Staff live off Coffee and you don’t want to make them angry

Mess is not the one

You don’t have to be spotless but the kitchen has to be left in a good condition, especially if a good number of people use it. You make a mess then clear it up it’s that simple.

Smelly leftovers

You bring in your lunch then you eat your lunch or you chuck it away. Nobody wants your smelly leftovers, which are out of date festering in the cupboard and growing new life. So eat it, give it away or chuck it!

Eating your Co-Workers lunch

If Dave across the room brings in the best lunch and you get jealous, get a better lunch! He has gone to the effort of making an amazing lunch so keep your hands off.

Here are a few stats for you;

3 out of 10 people have had their food stolen at work
But 1 out of 10 have admitted eating someone else’s.

Replacing Supplies

You had the last piece of bread, you had the last bit of milk, then either replace or make sure someone is, take it in turns be fair, you see these people nearly every day so pull your finger out.


Rubbish smells! Food Smells! Over the day, or over a few days it starts to get worse so on the way outside, leaving from work change the bin. Coming in the day after it is going to smell and we would all rather be in a fresh environment, especially when eating.

Don’t save seats at lunch

Luckily at my work there is no seating in the kitchen but many places do, don’t be that one that doesn’t let a colleague sit down because you’re saving a seat. Man up!

Taking a personal call in kitchen

Sometimes you want to get away from people on your lunch break and make a cup of tea in a bit of peace, so don’t take those personal calls in the kitchen about your life!

Don’t start a microwave fire or toaster smoke

Getting smoke everywhere is a frustrating one, nobody wants to pretend they are on Stars on their eyes at lunch and we all love to breathe air in not smoke so come on, watch what you cook!

Don’t eat smelly food

The final but most vital, the smelly food one – Tuna has to be top of the list, ok it tastes nice but come on it stinks, your breathe smells the office smells, the kitchen smells! So many choices out there that don’t smell so sort it out.