A good team building game is something that brings the whole team together whether that is to boost motivation and sales or to create stronger working relationships. Choosing the right type of activity, game, or event is extremely important as you want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed to carry out the task ahead.

The main focus is to make sure the whole team is engaged and working together that’s why it is important selecting the right team building game as there are a lot of activities that are individually focused for example; quad biking or a cookery activity.

A team building game where you are split into teams will promote teamwork as you will need to discuss strategies in reaching the end goal. Versatile group activities see a mixture of individuals having to come up with different ideas and scenarios in unfamiliar situations.

A well thought out team building game will cater for a large number or people with an arrangement of tasks so that there is a role for everybody.

The activity should be fun and high energy getting even the small minority of eye rollers involved!

You will almost always have the odd attendee that finds team building games and activities pointless, but it’s usually those certain people that have the most fun.

A good team building company will have a vast selection of games and events for either indoor or outside, even themed days out. It is always nice to have a team building activity away from your base, so if for a corporate activity its nice to get away from your everyday working environment.

GOTO Events will keep everyone relaxed ready to enjoy the activities planned (here’s a huge list of team building events).

Here we have listed 7 things to make a great team building game and activity day

  1. Know your client – knowing your client’s objectives and what they want out of the activity is the most important thing. There is no point in offering them an activity that is single-player tasks if the aim is to get the members to work as a team. Having a clear expectation before the activity is due to commence will be the perfect start to a good team building activity.
  2. Having great event staff – having great event staff helps the activities run smoothly. It enables the client to not worry about being responsible for the activities and to let someone else do all the planning.
  3. Encourage – not all participants are comfortable in group activity, its out of their comfort zone so it is important to make them feel included and relaxed at their own pace. Ice breakers are a great way of initiating engagement. They alleviate and tension and nerves including stigma surrounding team building activities.
  4. Having fun – the main thing that brings everyone together is to have fun! That is the reason we do team building activities. Whether you want just fun or some thinking activities, working together is vital. Some more mental challenges will usually require more than one thinking head and usually a few different methods.
  5. Structure – having structure is crucial to make the event run smoothly. Most people are usually adhering to a time frame, so it is important the day is carefully planned out running to set timings. That should usually include a break, ice breaker, awards and anything else previously established.
  6. Group participation – doing an activity that is suitable for a number of people is better for interaction, the dynamics are shifted to those you would usually see on a day to day basis. it is important to give ownership to the team so they can work together to find roles within the team to establish roles for the activity.
  7. Gather feedback – gathering feedback is a helpful way of gaining truthful feedback of how the activity has gone. As a group setting with a lot of different personalities its great to have input of what was got out of the activity, what went well or what could have gone better.

You can choose from a range of activities including;

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • City Events
  • Themed events
  • Sporty events
  • Creative
  • Food and drinks
  • Skilled events
  • Inflatables

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