So your company has rung in a new year and looking around your office you see the same glum faces. So what can you do to improve the composition and attitude of your team to ensure that 2018 is a positive and profitable as possible? Well, why not a team building day? Of course, you are not likely to be looking at our outdoor team building events in January but have you considered indoor team building events?


What sort of team building day can help?

Well, as you may have noticed, the weather is not exactly stunning outside so we are going to concentrate on some ideas that mean you can get all the benefits of an outdoor team building event without worrying about how the weather is going to hold up that specific day. Below we lay out some of the team building day ideas that we can provide to you and your team.


Crystal Maze – The Crystal Maze is our take on the former TV favorite hosted by Richard O’Brien. It offers a vast array of challenging tasks that will test your team and foster a spirit of teamwork among your staff.


Wine Tasting – Perhaps a little alcohol could act as the social lubricant to help improve your team. Taking your staff out for a relaxing wine tasting can help to let your staff socialist in a no pressure environment and have some lovely wine while they do. What could be better than that?


The Qube – Our take on the popular TV show. It gives another excellent opportunity for your staff to face challenges and can help to foster some fantastic teamwork and support from your team members.


Teamopoly – How about playing a life-size board game? Our take on the traditional board game sees your staff become full-size pieces in one of the World’s favorite and recognisable games.


What are the benefits of these events?

We have designed these events to improve the social cohesion of your teams. Trust is a huge factor in the working relationships of your team and can have a pronounced effect on the productivity of your workforce. The dramatic improvement in their interpersonal relationships will leave its mark well beyond the event day itself. As well as this the long-term benefits will make the day itself seem like superb value as a business investment.


Is it hard to organise a team building event?

No, not at all. Our experienced team are well used to providing bespoke solutions to our clients and can take over the complete running of the event so that you can enjoy the day with your team and leave the logistics of the day to someone else.


If you would like more information on one of our team building events then get in touch. Our experienced team can help to build a solution that fits your team and your budget. Many companies have benefited from our service, so why don’t you see what we can do for your business today?