Our Team building Activities

Bangor is a city in Gwynedd unitary authority, north west Wales, and one of the smallest cities in the United Kingdom. It is the oldest city in Wales. Wales is also home to 641 fortresses and castles, more per square mile than anywhere else in the world!

Never far from mountains or the sea, Wales is also home to a wide array of attractions, buzzing cities and quaint villages. Welsh, the native language, is one of the oldest languages in the world.

Tales of King Arthur and Merlin the legendary magician are bound to set the scene for our Murder Mystery, whilst one of the country’s national emblems, leeks, could be the star of the show in our delicious Cooking Challenge!

Leading Team Building Company in Wales

If you’re looking to hold a team building event in Wales then you’re in the right place. We are one of the leading team building event companies in Wales and are experienced at holding team based events in the principality.

Our vast range of events means that we can offer something for every type of business and our experience means that we can build a bespoke package that can work for your planned event. From outdoor based events that allow delegates to get out into the beautiful Welsh countryside to something more suited to the indoorsy types, we have a range of activities that mean we will have something to suit your business.

Our service ensures that we build the day around you and your team to ensure that we find the right mix that works for you and your delegates. This ensures that your delegates are engaged, motivated and get the most out of the experience. Our engaging packages mean that your teams will have an enjoyable day whilst potentially picking up new skills and enhancing the social cohesion of your team.

We have a track record of excellence and many satisfied customers. It is these customers who have helped us to improve our offering and be able to produce high-quality events. So let us take on your team building event project and produce for you the ideal event.

Team building events are well tested and proven to help improve the social cohesion of teams. The benefits last well past the event itself and the joint experience factor is a strong social pull to keep teams working together. The increased social cohesion means that you are likely to encounter fewer HR issues which in itself can be a huge improvement for a business. So let us help improve the social cohesion of your team and get them engaging with each other in a social setting outside of the work environment.

Looking for something a bit different? Our packages mean that we do not just cater for traditional events, we can also plan work parties and other social events for teams. These allow for delegates to socialise in a different environment outside of the work place and get to know each other better. This familiarity will breed a new level of trust which is vital in strong interpersonal relationships. Strong relationships are vital within teams and the right event can have significant beneficial lasting effects for your business.

If you’re interested in any of our events then please get in touch. Once you select us we will start to work on the ideal event for your business and will project manage the whole event to ensure that you and your delegates can just turn up and enjoy the experience. So get in touch today and let us start to create the ultimate team building event for you and your team in Wales.