This is the ultimate game of teamwork and betrayal. 


This is the ultimate game of teamwork and betrayal. In teams you will battle head-to-head in various team challenges that will test your mental agility and physical skills, working together to beat the opposition before the time runs out, and start building up your bank. There is a catch… There will be traitors amongst you and it’s your job to find them. After each round of challenges, your team will have a chance to find the traitors when sat around the table. This event has one goal, find the betrayers before the last challenges otherwise it will cost you dearly at the final round.

The 4 challenges consist of: 

  • Riddle me this!: In teams you will go head-to-head where you will be given a riddle to solve . The team who identifies the most correct answers in the fastest time earns the most money!
  • Lockbox Challenge: Going head-to-head you will be given several puzzles, clues and conundrums to help crack the codes to get into the lockbox – Battling against the clock and other teams can you handle the pressure? 
  • Treasure Hunt: Each team will be given an interactive map where they then go on scavenger hunt around the venue to find the selected items – most items and most creative wins the round and takes the money. 
  • Music Challenge: Different musical tunes will be played using hand bells, and the teams need to work out what song is being played.

N.B This event is not connected with the official programme or authorised or endorsed by the BBC.

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