Sparkling, frosty mornings spent scraping ice off the car and hearty, warming casseroles on dark early evenings can only mean that Wintertime has arrived once again.

Time for woolly jumpers, hot chocolate by the fire and festive preparations! But here at GOTO, we have a whole bunch of other ways to keep you and your team warm and active, whilst having fun together and creating that all-important bond between colleagues.

Take a look at our top thirteen winter team building events, ideal for those chilly months:

#1 Escape Rooms

Your team is trapped in a room (well… not REALLY) and they need to find a way out. It could be a prison cell, a science lab, a pirate island or a WWII bunker! There are puzzles and padlocks, combinations and clues, keys and conundrums, all designed to confuse and frustrate. But solve them all, make your escape and you’ll all be utterly thrilled!

#2 Masterpiece Challenge

Physical and mental challenges are presented to your teams and the more they accomplish the more they can ‘buy’ from the paint shop. Then all they need to do is recreate a design onto their canvases as accurately as possible. We’ll piece them all together for the grand unveiling of ‘the big picture’! Jaws will drop as cries of astonishment are heard when they realise what they’ve created together!

#3 CSI

This winter team-building event sees your team spend invaluable time scouring the scene of a brutal murder, making notes, sketching details and asking important questions. Learn how to take fingerprints, study hair, and fibre analysis and discover how different types of blood spatters can help solve a crime. Discuss all the suspects and try to work out between you who murdered our poor victim. But don’t waste any time, because the other teams are all racing you to the finish in a nail-biting, killer finding finale!

#4 The Qube 

Have you got what it takes…? Multiple fun challenges, great props, simple rules, a limited time for teams to practise, each task requiring a different skill set. Who in your team is the best person to achieve a result? Then into the Qube, you go! The pressure is on. You’ll get three attempts at each one, if you fail, you’ll literally give points to the opposition!

The Qube is a fantastically fast-paced, skills-based team build activity that will create fun, competitive exhilaration and hilarity all at the same time!

#5 Task The Master

You’re a game show audience… but you’re also the contestants! We’ll give your teams multiple challenges to conquer, whether nominating one person to represent their team, or all members working on a task together. But don’t take this toooo seriously, these are all pretty silly challenges, designed to create fun, competitive excitement and utter hilarity!

#6 Teamopoly

 Does exactly what it says on the tin! Gather your team around one of our giant-sized Monopoly boards, purchase properties, charge your competitors’ rent and try not to go to jail! But land on Team Chest and you’ll be sent away to complete a challenge whilst your opposition continues playing, so you’ll have to hurry!

#7 Starburst

Grab your book of 100 challenges and games and decide who in your team would be best at each one. Tear out the pages and take them (quickly!) to the relative zones, Creative, Sports, Sensory and Childsplay. Every time you manage to complete one, we’ll stamp your page. How many can your team complete before time is up? May the best team win!

#8 The Apprentices

Lord Alan will see you now. But it will take a lot to impress him, and not a lot to upset him! So be on your best behaviour, show professionalism, leadership, business acumen, and creativity so you and your team should at least avoid the pointed finger and immortal words, “You’re fired!”.

#9 Den of Dragons

Your team is going to need a fantastic idea to pitch to our formidable panel of Dragons. It could be a unique invention, money-saving device, business venture…. or anything else you may come up with! You’ll get the opportunity to raise the money to fund your idea, purchase your props and get to work. But be warned, you’ll need to fully understand your finances from conception to delivery in order to convince the Dragons to invest. Otherwise, be prepared to be slammed in the ‘Den of Dragons’.

#10 Team Masterchef

The heat is on and we’re cooking on gas! Follow carefully as our celebrity trained and endorsed chefs demonstrate how to put together a number of delicious, creative and perfectly presented dishes… and then it’s your turn! You’ll need to spend your tokens wisely in our ‘larder’, then show off your culinary skills and presentational prowess to impress your professional chef judges and beat the other teams… losers are washing up!

#11 Bakeathon

That TV baking show has become a huge phenomenon, captured the nation’s imagination and got practically everyone baking. Well now it’s your turn, so put on your aprons, grab your wooden spoons and learn from a professional pastry chef how to make some traditional and contemporary creations, ideal for afternoon tea! On your marks, get set, bake!

#12 Indoor Crystal Challenge

One of our most popular outdoor team build events is our version of TV’s, ‘The Crystal Maze’ where teams are set challenges and activities against opposing teams and need to win each one to earn the much sought after crystals. Ultimately, these crystals translate to team time in the Crystal Dome where you need to catch as many gold tickets as you can to win the day. But don’t let the winter weather put you off, we can recreate the entire thing indoors!

#13 Lights, Camera, Action!

Let’s go to the movies! And you and your team are the stars! But that’s not all… you’re also the scriptwriters, plot creators, set designers, directors, producers and wardrobe assistants! We’ll give you everything you need to make your star-studded film which will entertain your colleagues. Will you go for a love story? Maybe an action thriller? A horror movie? Or perhaps a hilarious comedy? (To be honest, you’ll probably have a good laugh at every one of them anyway!).

As we said earlier, this is just a selection of winter team building events we can deliver as indoor activities, but there are many, many more events we can offer too. Visit our website to discover how much fun you can have!