Team building is a strategic move and not a management fluke

The term team building is used to refer to the process of turning individual employees into a cohesive team or unit; able to perform optimally and interdependently towards achieving their goals and objectives.

The importance of team building in achieving organisational goals cannot be overemphasised. Whilst individual brilliance is important in a team, it cannot singlehandedly determine the success of a project. The whole should always be greater than the sum of the parts.

Employees spend majority of their time at work, the last thing a manager wants is to have team members dreading to come to work every day. There has to be some chemistry between team members to help them function as one unit.

In a football team for example, one player holds the ball, and a few other players begin to make runs. There has to be some kind of understanding between player holding the ball and the players running. Where is he going to play the ball? How much force would he use in kicking the ball? How many more steps should he make before I stop running? These are unspoken conversations that only a team with good chemistry can rightly answer.

Understanding what a team is will help shed more light on why companies should take real and decisive steps towards encouraging team building in the workplace.

A team refers to a group of individuals that are working together to achieve an objective. The keyword here is working together.

Getting people with different backgrounds, motivation and perception to work towards a common objective is not a walk in the park. Contrarily, the seeming differences in perception would mean that the concept of ‘a common objective’ will mean different things to different team members.

Importantly, team building does not happen all by itself, meaningful (managerial) steps must be taken to ensure that an enabling environment is created. This is akin to having a garden with no grass, flowers or leaves. Regardless of whether or not you plant anything, something will always grow. Roots and leaves will start to form; even flowers may begin to germinate. At this point you may say ‘Oh! Nice garden’. Remember, nobody touched it. If things continue the same way with no intervention from you, the garden will eventually become a bush, and then a forest; till all sorts of wild animals make a home of it.

Team building doesn’t just happen. You must take strategic steps and continually create an enabling environment to allow it grow.

Top 5 reasons why team building is important

  1. Effective Communication and working better together
  2. Synergy – The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  3. Team-spirit, fun and motivation
  4. Creativity and innovation
  5. Self-confidence and morale boosting

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Team building is where colleagues become friends, where work becomes fun. It is when after a really stressful day at work, everyone ends up in a bar to cool off and talk about that one annoying client.