Team Building Events for Startups

If you’re a startup you may think that it is too early to think about a team building event. You’re likely running a hectic schedule and cost pressures mean that cash is a bit thin. But what if you could make a wise investment in your team from an early stage that helps to foster relationships and promote social cohesion?

Getting to know each other

Depending on just how new your team is then you may have a collection of staff who know nothing of each other as yet. What better way for them to get to learn to know each other than in a purpose built event that challenges them to learn about each other and use their skills for the overall challenge. A team building event is an ideal way for people to learn about each other and get to know them better to build relationships that will last.

Social cohesion

This is the glue that sticks teams together and teams that play together stay together. The strong interpersonal bonds that can be built by a team building event promote a healthy dynamic in your team and for new teams in the startup world this is important. Most companies think of team building in long term teams. This can be to try and solve issues on occasion, but what if you could prevent some of those issues from happening in the first place by creating strong relationships?


There is overwhelming evidence that trust is important in teams and that team building can help to promote it. We rely on trust in all of our exchanges with others and this is even more important in teams. Our team building challenges often rely on the need for trust and teamwork. We build these with the development of trust and social cohesion in mind.

Shared experiences

The shared experience of a team building event gives your new team a background structure that means they have something in common. Our somewhat tribal minds mean that we seek out those with which we have something in common and the promotion of this can result in much better and more importantly productive teams.

Long term benefits

Though it is hard to see the benefits for the long term there are many. The enhancement of interpersonal relationships of your team will result in fewer HR headaches down the road, it should also result in lowering turnover of staff as socially connected staff are far more likely to stay with you. These results can save a huge sum over the years following the event and can easily outweigh the cost of the event itself.

So if you think that your startup would gain something from a team building experience then get in touch. Our specialists can start to build an event around you and your team and produce the ideal event for your business. So get in touch today and let us get started.