Learn the art of making sushi in this fun and entertaining event

5 - 500 People

Interactive Event

UK Wide Coverage

Ideal For Mixed Groups
1 - 2.5 Hours

Wellness & Wellbeing

Sushi is a great way to eat healthy without even realising. Packed with omega 3 and low fat, learning the art of making sushi is both fun and entertaining. Our sushi-making workshops can be tailored to be made competitive, with having the best presentation or technique, or more of an informative group activity.

The group get to learn from our Sushi chef knife techniques, presentation style and then experience making the sushi from themselves. The day ends with a new skill learnt and some yummy sushi to take away!

What happens on the day?

The day begins with the team being split into their cooking zones. The chef will show the groups how to make the sushi, including both the making of the sushi but also garnishing techniques and vegetable carving. The demonstration also includes how to make both modern and traditional sushi, such as Maki Sushi, Ura Maki (Californian roll) and the traditional dragon roll. Using the techniques they have just acquired, the teams then make their own sushi.

Throughout the making process, the chef is there to give advice and guide the teams. The session ends with the chef judging the sushi, particularly on the presentation and display, with slates and plates provided to inspire creativity. The winning team then receives medals. The guests can then enjoy their sushi or alternatively take their sushi home in the takeaway boxes provided.

What's included in the Sushi Making?

  • Michelin star trained chefs
  • Medals and aprons
  • All equipment and ingredients
  • Display and takeaway containers
  • Chopsticks, wasabi mustard and soy sauce
  • Slates and plates to be used to create the display
  • Dedicated Project Manager to manage the finer details

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