Immersive experience centred around wellbeing

10 - 1000 People

Fun Competition

UK Wide Coverage

Ideal For Mixed Groups
60 - 90 Minutes

Wellness & Wellbeing

Smoothie Revitalise is an immersive experience centred around wellbeing. Tuning into different aspects of wellness, it offers the opportunity to both learn and engage in different ways of tuning into both the mind and body. The experience begins with a smoothie-making session, including learning about which ingredients have the best nutrients for the body.

The session moves onto a Tai-Chi style breathing session, focusing on how mindfulness can be achieved through different movement and breathing techniques. The smoothie drinks are then enjoyed with the session ending with a relaxing dry ice aromatherapy.

What happens on the day?

The activity begins with an introduction from your instructor and  smoothie making, where the teams learn about the food they can choose to put in their drinks. For example, which fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants.

The teams then choose their ingredients for their drinks, with one drink per person. Whilst the drinks are settling, the session then moves onto the Tai-Chi style breathing session.

Teams learn about the importance of movement and meditation, focusing on breathing techniques to enhance the harmony between body and soul. The teams then have the chance to create their own choreography and showcase it to the group.

After the Tai-Chi style breathing session, the group then enjoy the smoothie. The session ends with some dry ice aromatherapy, reawakening senses and restoring a sense of calm.

What's included in the Smoothie Revitalise?

  • 60 – 90 minute activity session
  • Introduction to the benefits of healthy eating and choosing the right foods to consume
  • Opportunity to make a healthy smoothie
  • 1 smoothie per person
  • Tai-Chi style breathing session
  • Dry Ice aromatherapy
  • Dedicated Project Manager to manage the finer details

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