Event Type: Indoor Duration: Half Day Region: All UK

‘Out the Box’ is a high energy, fun and inclusive team building activity, everyone will absolutely LOVE. A modern take on Challenge 100, the aim is to win as many points as possible while competing in over 100 laughter-filled, interactive activities!

If you want an engaging event, with competition and team-work at its heart then
‘Out the Box’ is the event for you. This event is hugely team-building focused with time management, delegation, communication, planning and creativity running through its veins. You can choose when and who does the challenges in any order, draw on peoples skill-sets, getting the best out of your team and get them thinking ‘Outside the Box’. The benefits are up there, but not as high as the fun factor.

From face painting zombies, mental problems, skipping, limbo, cup stacking, to Sudoku, you will not know what challenge is coming next. No event is the same and we always have a surprise up our sleeve!