You have seen the program now its your turn, in this Christmas themed Come Dine With Me style event you and your group will go head to head to produce a Christmas dinner you and your colleagues to judge and enjoy.  We will teach the group an alternative option to the traditional roast turkey, we will begin with a demonstration on how to bone a turkey crown then make individual stuffed ballotines which are poached and pan fried, your team can expect to learn some new skills and have great fun on the fascinating cookery activity.


The group will be split in teams with each team cooking a 2 or 3 course meal for the opposing team, an experienced expert chef will demonstrate knife handling skills health and safety and a demonstration which will be relevant to their category. Each team will be responsible for all aspects of their dishes and tables; this will have to include table setting and serving their hungry colleagues.


Each team gives an overall score of the dishes, giving feedback via a spokesperson on the table, and then the winner from each category goes before our judges to give the final verdict.


Time management is one of the hardest achievements on our cookery events, we will set strict time deadlines which the teams will have to adhere to or we will deduct penalty points from their final score, team work and communication will be a key part of time management. Other criteria the chefs will be looking for are creativity, team work and taste.