Social Distance Team Building

Social Distancing Team Building

Social Distancing Team Building

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Top 10 Social Distancing Team Building Activities 

Team building continues to reinvent itself into different formats to accommodate common objectives, but still staying within the guidelines of Covid-19.

Companies are still investing in their people to ensure motivation and collaboration in distanced times, but their needs have changed.  The primary objectives are still there, but businesses are seeking solutions to continue team development in safe environments.

As conditions start to ease, teams are looking ahead at future events and how they can be safe for all participants.  Social distancing is one of the highest priorities.

We’ve put together our top ten concepts for social distanced team building activities.

Our Top 10 Social Distancing Team Building Events

Social Distance Team Building Man on Walkie Talkie

#1 Scattergun

A socially distanced team are given individual maps showing the location of a variety of challenges.  One communicator stays at HQ to coordinate everyone via two way radios.  When each person reached their first mapped location, they radio through what they find.  Everyone will gather individual clues, all of which accumulate to the answer to each task, if they fathom it out!  As team progress, they collect giant jigsaw pieces.  Once complete all pieces are dropped off at HQ ready for one nominated person to try and build the final puzzle.  The first team to complete it win!

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Social Distance Team Building Paint Brushes

#2 The Masterpiece

An art-based challenge where socially distanced individuals have to copy a nominated part of a large picture into an art canvas.  From spaced out tables, teams have to share their progress to ensure the sections of the canvas flow to connect with each other.  This makes the bigger picture when all the parts of the image are placed by our team and revealed on a giant frame..

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Social Distance Team Building Escape Room Padlock

#3 Escape Room

Who dunnit?  That’s the ultimate question!  We run two versions of our festive Murder Mystery events.  One using a high tech Cluedo style app based game, the other with live virtual actors.  Each experience tasks teams with the challenge of solving all kinds of clues, examining evidence & hunting for suspects to unravel the crime.  Players work in mini teams to share ideas and information to try and work out who was the murderer, what was the murder weapon and what was the motive.

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Social Distance Team Building BBQ Foo

#4 BBQ Champions

Hosted by a Michelin star chef, individuals each have a dedicated outdoor cooking station complete with a range of ingredients, utensils, and a BBQ.  Everyone will watch a central demo by our chef showing you a range of different techniques and recipes to cook amazing food on the BBQ.  We’ll also show you the best way to get the most consistent heat from a charcoal BBQ.  Each person will cook a set piece, all of which are judged at the end based on taste, visual appeal and creativity.

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Social Distance Team Building Bakeathon Cake

#5 Bakeathon

Another cookery event, but this time, based on baking, as per the famous TV show.  Individuals are distanced on cooking stations, all complete with everything they need to create something amazing.  Teams connect as they all have a dish to create which is divided amongst the group members.

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Social Distance Team Building People Cheering

#6 Challenge 100

Distanced around the room each individual is given a pack containing details of 10 tasks.  With 10 people per team, that’s 100 in total.  The aim of the game is to complete as many of the tasks, games and challenges around the room as possible.  Everything works on an individual basis, so there is no close contact.  For every task completed, individuals accrue points at the score desk.  It’s as simple as the more tasks you complete, the more points your team earn!

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Social Distancing Team Building The Qube

#7 Qubed

Distanced apart on challenge stations individuals have to nominate a player to come forward to complete a nail-biting challenge in our amazing inflatable Qube.  Games & tasks are individual based, with amazing audience participation.  Big points are awarded for the top player from each round, leading to a exciting finale.

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Social Distance Team Building CSI Police Tape

#8 CSI Crime Scene Experience

Faced with a recreation of a crime scene, individuals collaborate findings to their team by completing a range of forensic challenges.  For each challenge, individuals are delivered a fresh set of kit, by our team who also socially distance.  Tasks include fingerprint dusting, hair and fibre analysis, FBI style digital e-fit recreation and blood splatter analysis.  Groups coordinate their findings as they progress, to finally conclude on who they think was the killer, what was the motive and which murder weapon was used.

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Social Distance Team Building Tug of War

#9 Sports Superstars

Taking elements from classic school sports days, The Olympics and modern day sports, socially distanced teams rotate around a variety of different sports zones.  At each zone they nominate a player to come forward to take on the competitors.  All the activities and players are socially distanced and all kit is disinfected per round.  Games include: Penalty shootout, archery, foam javelin, shot-put, welly wanging and the classic egg and spoon race.

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Social Distance Team Building Wall Street Traders

#10 Wall Street Winners

Another TV inspired experience taken from the famous Deal or No Deal game show.  Teams take part in a range of fun tasks and energizers in advance to win funds.  They then enter the nail biting series of rounds against the banker to see which team has the nerves of steel to win the most money and take the win.

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Visit our contact page and get in touch to discuss how GOTO Events can run your next social distancing team building activity.  Our team will advice you on the correct policies and how we can run the right style of event for you, ensuring your participants are in a safe controlled environment.

Team building while in isolation has been very much about virtual experiences.  As restrictions start to lift, GOTO Events will follow and comply with all government guidelines and regulations to deliver compliant events that offer the main benefits of team building, whilst keeping everyone socially distanced.

Please note that these activities are not yet available until government guidelines permit the safe running of group gatherings.   We will be updating week on week as to the progress on the events industry.

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10 of the Best Physical Team Building Activities

A happy team that can work in harmony will be far more productive and successful in the workplace. We don’t need to refer you to the hundreds of studies to back this up, as it’s just common sense, right?

But did you know that physical team building activities can take things to an entirely new level, as your employees and work colleagues learn to trust and work together to achieve something out of the ordinary?

Below you can see the best physical team building activities that will challenge, inspire, motivate, and lead to long-lasting positive results in the workplace (and possibly even raise some fitness levels!).

1. Outdoor Adrenaline

If it’s action-packed adventure you want, our Outdoor Adrenaline multi-activity outdoor team building day is just the ticket.

Working in teams, groups will compete in a wide range of activities designed to stretch them both physically and mentally, plus helping to engender a great team work ethic.

Tasks include archery, off road buggies, quad bikes, inflatable human table football, and rather randomly… duck herding.

This event offers pure fun, big impact and some serious toys.  If you want an experience that everyone will remember, then this is an event that will give you the WOW factor.

2. Archery and Duck Herding

This is the ever so slightly slimmed down version of the previous team building day, including just the archery and duck herding elements.

Have you ever herded a duck? Probably not but believe us when we say it can get very physical and is one of the most challenging experiences you will ever face in life!

We let a lively bunch of ducks loose from a pen and your team have to guide them around an obstacle course with the help of a professional sheep dog. Can you be the next duck and dog whisperer?

With the archery challenge your team members will use traditional long bows to into various targets at ever increasing distances. Your team must achieve the required score to win. A real skill-based challenge which requires some physical effort.

3. Totally Wiped Out

You’ve probably already seen the TV show which inspired this particular physical team building activity, but do you think you’re up to the challenge?

With hours of non-stop hilarity, this is one of our favourite corporate fun days, as it simply can’t help but build morale and team spirit. Be prepared though, as you will all be absolutely exhausted come the end of day!

It’s a quick-paced, high energy team challenge that comes with a host, up to 8 challenges, and the end of day medal ceremony and prize giving.

Totally Wiped Out is certainly not for the feint-hearted, so make sure you bring plenty of energy drinks with you!

4. The Crystal Challenge

Another TV-show inspired event is our Crystal Challenge team building day. It’s one of our most popular team building days, and you can read some of amazing reviews we have already had from businesses and organisations on the event page.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that Richard O’Brien will be there to oversee proceedings, but you will have one of our very own energetic presenters hosting the day.

Employees and staff will face an exciting range of mental, skill, physical and mystery challenges including the famous Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones.

We can run this team building day at an outdoor venue or take the all the gear indoors if the weather is going to be unreliable that day. Start the fans please…

5. It’s a Knockout

You wanted physical? This is physical, very physical and offer big time outdoor inflatable fun complete with all the thrills and spills of the famous TV show.

Teams will be kitted out in crazy costumes as they aim to race through huge inflatables, increasingly slippery slides, wacky relay races and enough foam to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

It’s not every day you get the chance to see the boss dressed as a fairy racing a giant chicken!

And unlike the famous TV show from the 1970s, our gear isn’t old and outdated. It’s constantly updated, so this is the newest, brightest and funniest “It’s a Knock Out” on the market.

6. The Gladiator

If you thought the last suggestion was going to be the most physical team building activity on this list, then think again.

Remember the TV show from the 1990s called The Gladiators? If you do, then you will know what to expect from this particular corporate team building event.

Loosely based on the popular TV show, but with a twist. Participants become gladiators or contenders and compete in a series of fast and furious team challenges.

Teams will tackle a number of activities including giant inflatables, obstacles and huge puzzles will put their team work skills to the test. If you’re looking for a fun team building event that’s totally unique, The Gladiator is the activity for you.

7. Escape Rooms

This is one of the newer team building days we have added to our roster, and has quickly become one of the most requested events we offer.

Brand new is our Escape Rooms challenge.  In teams groups will enter a series of completely unique themed rooms, where they have a set time to solve the challenges and ultimately escape the room.

Each room has its own unique style.  There are guidelines but no instructions.  It’s purely down to your team’s innovation to look around them and crack the interconnecting challenges, conundrums, riddles and clues.

There are 4 available Escape Rooms to choose from; The Science Lab, Great Escape, Prison Break, and The Island.

8. Wacky Racers

Do you fancy yourself as a Penelope Pit Stop or perhaps the cunning Dick Dastardly? Or perhaps you just want to be yourself?

Whoever you choose, this activity will blow your mind as your daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels in the Wacky Racers race, competing for the title of world’s wackiest racer!

As a team you must come together to form all parts of an effective racing team including team work, communication, time management, delegation, planning and of course making it matter in your final race.

We offer 4 different themed race tracks, professional go-karts, a medal ceremony, plus our lively host and referee for the day.

9. School Sports Day

Relive your school days, with our school sports day themed team building event. There will be an event for everyone, not matter what their physical ability. But the onus is definitely on fun and participation with this one.

All of the games and event ideas during the day are exactly how you remember – just without the grumpy teachers and the school bully.

This is your chance to take part in some competitive sporting activities with the aim of winning medals, prizes and pride. Our company sports day team building event will be something that your colleagues will always remember.

And don’t forget to bring your PE kit, otherwise you might have to do it in your pants!

10. The Qube

Our last physical themed event is the popular Qube team building day.

Complete with The Host, The Voice and The Body, with game show lighting and a 3m x 3m Inflatable Cube, contestants work in teams to face a series of nail-biting challenges.

There are head to head team Qube Challenges where teams can win entry to the Qube for nominated members of their team and win all important Aides; Swap a contestant, Pass, Simplify, or take a Trial Run, but use these wisely.

Do you have the nerve, determination and skill it takes to complete the tasks within the Qube?

Want to know more?

We hope you find something here from our selection of physical fitness team building activities. If you would like to find out more or speak with an expert team building specialist, please contact us.

Alternatively, you can browse for more ideas from our large roster by viewing all events and ideas.

more team building idieas

More Team Building Ideas for your Business

Are you interested in holding team building events for your company, then you'll be pleased to hear that you don't have to spend huge amounts of your company budget on them. Get in touch with a few corporate events companies  and get some quotes – you may be surprised at just how affordable team building events can be. This makes them accessible for businesses of all sizes – even start-ups. If you're struggling for team building ideas, read on. Here are some great activities that can help your employees learn to work together to achieve a common goal...

Title: The Blind Wine Waiter

Participants: 6+

Timing: 30mins

General overview: The Blind Wine Waiter activity requires teams of six to find, uncork and then pour a bottle of wine into give glasses. Team members must only carry out one element of the task each and a minimum of five if them must be blindfolded.

Title: Bonding Belt

Participants: 6+

Timing: 15mins-30mins

General overview: Designed to encourage team bonding, teams of six are quite literally bonded to one another by way of a cling film waistband. They must race across the room against the clock with the aim of improving their time on each attempt. This can certainly create a talking point amongst employees the day after!

Title: Zombie Escape

Participants: 4+

Timing: 30mins

General Overview: Gather a group of employees in a conference room (or other empty space) and “lock” the door. Before you do this, choose one person to play the role of the zombie. They should be tied to a rope a corner of the room, with around one foot of leeway. Every five minutes or so, the rope should be let out another foot, ensuring that they get closer and closer to the living team members. Before the zombie can reach them, they must solve a number of puzzles in order to find the key that unlocks the door to the room.

Title: Frostbite

Participants: 6+

Timing: 45mins-60mins

General overview: This challenge requires groups of 4 or 5 to pretend they are Arctic explorers caught in bad weather. They will need to choose a leader and put up a tent to provide them with shelter. The leader can't help as he/she has frostbite in both hands, whilst the rest of the team can't see, as a result of snow blindness. They must work together to erect the tent as quickly as possible.

Title: A Shrinking Vessel

Participants: 6+

Timing: 15mins-30mins

General overview: Mark a space on the floor (using tape or a rope or blanket) and have a number of employees stand in that space. Slowly shrunk the space in order to encourage them to work together to keep everyone within the boundaries.

There are literally hundreds of team building ideas out there, so why not contact a team building events agency in London to see what your options are? You can expect your employees to benefit greatly from taking part in team building activities, becoming more motivated, skilled and productive.


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Team building slogans: Cliché or Ingredient

Slogans are part of our everyday lives; part of our identity, culture and our very essence. In the workplace, slogans are an integral part of team building activities; stringing like minds and igniting weakened cells. Slogans are those catchphrases within our banter that only us our colleagues understand.

Slogans, they are an important aspect of team building.

It is no surprise that when the word slogan is mentioned, the images that form in the mind of most people are those with traces of coordinated actions. These are the same images associated with teamwork and team bonding.

It is therefore not out of place to incorporate slogans in the design of team building activities. At Goto Events, we understand and appreciate the fine-lined relationship between the use of slogans and team dynamics. Some of the common team building slogans include.

  • “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM” ~ Anonymous
  • “A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle” ~ Japanese proverb
  • “A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way” ~ Swahili proverb
  • “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” Henry Ford
  • “One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team” Kareem Abdul Jabbar
  • “A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others” ~ Norman Hidle
  • “You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note” ~ Doug Floyd

See more at Teampedia.

It is also important to point out that team leadership and team building go hand in hand. The best team building activities amplify the best team players and team leaders. Team leaders are those that encourage participation; they have the emotional intelligence to motivate others as they are able to self-motivate. They are the ones that reiterate corporate goals and team slogans to the team members to keep them firing on all cylinders.

Importantly, team members must feel free to share how they feel and communicate with other team members within the organisation regarding all or certain aspects of an established goal. In bridging all team members together, the use of slogans play a key role; establishing purpose, motivation and intent as catch phrases are reverberated.

At Goto Events, we have plethora of team building ideas for companies with varying sizes. Speak to one of our experts today to get a quick and friendly quote. Cal us on 02071184115 or send us an email on