Team Building in Bournemouth


Nestled in a sheltered bay on the South Coast of England in the picturesque county of Dorset, Bournemouth has seven miles of sandy beaches for you to enjoy. There’s plenty to make the most of in terms of night life or relaxing stays. You could combine your corporate vent with some memorable trips to world renowned places nearby such as Lulworth Clove and Durdle door.

It truly is a fantastic location for team building activities and events. Located just two hours from London, the town has an excellent reputation as a corporate conference destination.  There is an extensive range of venues including excellent hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and sandy beaches. With superb connections by road, rail or air, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses choose Bournemouth as their location for a team building day.


Team building by the beach is what Bournemouth is best for. All the inflatables combined with team challenges in the sun combined with a couple of beers and a BBQ after a long day in the office.  Do you have a whole day, then why not take on our very own Crystal Maze. Get ready to see your colleagues’ real colours as teams go head to head with one another in order to get as many crystals as possible, allowing as much time as possible in our very own crystal dome! It’s no wonder this is our most popular event.



Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

1. Qubed

Qubed is one of our most popular indoor team building events in Bournemouth. Teams will compete head-to-head in a series of mental, physical and team challenges, will you and your team crack under the pressure of the Qubed, or will you become the next winner.

2. Crystal Challenge

Based on the 90’s classic gameshow, The Crystal Challenge is amongst one of our favourites for outdoor team building events. Hosted by one of our energetic event managers, teams will compete against one another on a selection of fun, fast-paced activities.

3.  Master of the Tasks

Based on the popular TV series Taskmaster, our funny rendition features a range of tasks that come in all shapes and sizes. With a task to suit everyone, one minute you could be creating a caricature out of condiments, the next you could be building a tower out of chocolate spread and biscuits!

4. Wall Street Winners

Welcome to the ultimate trading game. This indoor team building event is fast-paced, and noisy so it’s bound to get every one talking about it for days. The overall aim is to buy and sell company shares, ready to trade for building supplies to build your tower.  Will you be the next Wall Street Winner?

5. Masterpiece

Masterpiece is one of our indoor team building events that encourages the team to not only work as a team, but to do so creatively! The aim… to earn points to exchange for painting supplies ready to paint a giant masterpiece of your chosen artwork.

6. Casino Nights

For a great team morale booster, head to Las Vegas with this brilliant Casino Night experience, a popular indoor choice in Bournemouth. Provided at your chosen venue, our professional grade casino tables, croupiers, poker chips and even a red carpet is enough to make your team feel like the VIP’s they are! 

7. School Sports Day

Stand up straight, our Headmaster and Prefect instructors will lead the activities, keeping energy levels up and making sure your group is always engaged and involved in this upbeat retro team building event. Fully inclusive, there is something for everyone; egg ‘n’ spoon race, 3 legged race, tug o’war, plus play time with our giant board games – Jenga, Connect 4, Twister… the list goes on! A top outdoor experience in Bournemouth, where it’s the taking part that counts… 

8. Bakeathon

The competition heats up in our pop up Bakeathon kitchen as teams create some tasty sweet treats in signature bake challenges. An exciting and tense experience enjoyed by all, the top 3 teams will be announced plus everyone can take home their creations.

9. Soap Box Derby

Has your team got what it takes to finish on the winners podium? The Soap Box Derby is the perfect creative and competitive team building experience for any group. A top outdoor activity, inspired by the global event of its name’s sake, teams work together creating their own racing team and completing a number of fast paced, interactive, challenges to earn everything needed to build the racing kart. With the race team and custom kart complete, teams will take to the tracks to compete in several heats on our crazy course where the winner takes all. 

10. Incognito Spy Mission

Enter the hidden world of spies and espionage where this mission is Spooks on a treasure hunt on the streets of Bournemouth. A brilliant outdoor experience, it has all the mystery, the codes, the confidential information, the team work, the undercover agents and the deceit just like a thrilling TV drama, but you’re in it! In teams, can you break the codes and reveal the enemy spy in our ranks?

Indoor Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

Come and play at a unique indoor experience, we can’t always team build at the beach! Our indoor team building activities in Bournemouth are fun, exciting and different for everyone and most importantly, they can take place all year round, whatever the weather! Challenging, hilarious at times, competitive and inclusive, we have something for all, large or small groups and can take place at your chosen venue. Bournemouth loves indoor team building, most of the Top 10 takes place under a roof! Outrageous challenges and belly laughs, our Master of the Tasks will get your teams communicating and working together whilst howling with laughter at the tasks and comedic host. For a creative and collaborative day teams will produce mosaic tiles that when put together will reveal the Masterpiece. We guarantee we have an event for you that will be a winner with your team and deliver results.

Outdoor Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

Take your teams outside for a fun filled day of team building activities in Bournemouth. We have plenty of choice, our Incognito Spy Mission sends your teams out into Bournemouth to solve cryptic clues and question our in-character team actors to uncover the mole in our team, a great way to explore Bournemouth and encourage communication, teamwork and help to strengthen relationships. Always a good idea to be out in nature, the fresh air and change of scenery will be great for your team and will improve overall well-being for all – and a bonus if the sun comes out too! More favourite outdoor team building events in Bournemouth also include the energetic School Sports Day, Crystal Challenge and Soap Box Derby – design and pedal your very own team kart on our wacky racecourse! 

Company Away Days in Bournemouth

Escape the office and treat your team to a day of fun and relaxation in Bournemouth, whether at the park or beach, with our company away day events. From creative team building activities such as Soap Box Derby to thrilling outdoor pursuits in Bear Grylls Survival or Outdoor Adrenaline, our corporate away days are designed to boost team morale and foster a positive company culture. All our events and activities are adaptable to large or small groups, we have something to offer everyone! Even very large groups, Family Fun Days, Company Festivals, Circus Themed Carnivals and many more.

Let us help you find the perfect venue for your team away day in Bournemouth with our free venue finding service.

Collaborative Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

Bournemouth, with its stunning beach and vibrant atmosphere, what better place for team building activities for collaboration. Engage in team building activities that promote collaboration and unity, we have plenty to choose from, Putt for a Purpose, design and build your very own mini golf course, and enjoy a game for a charitable cause. Work together in teams and with other teams to create a wonderful piece of artwork in the Masterpiece challenge, or construct bikes for a great cause in the Charity Bike Build, we have something for everyone. Join us in Bournemouth for a fun-filled team building adventure that combines collaboration, laughter, and beachside enjoyment. There’s no need to miss out either, our dedicated event planner will take care of all the details for you, so get stuck in, don’t forget your golf clubs or paint brushes!

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

Are you ready for a wave of creativity and fun in the seaside town of Bournemouth? Our exciting team building events in Bournemouth are designed to challenge your team, ignite creativity, and create lasting memories. Popular in Bournemouth is the exciting Challenge 100, where your team will attempt to tackle 100 thrilling activities across five indoor zones, guaranteeing excitement and laughter for everyone. Also a favourite is Den of Dragons, a chance for your teams to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit as teams brainstorm, research, and pitch their brilliant business ideas to our seasoned tycoons. And you can’t go to Bournemouth without a round of mini golf! But ours has a unique charitable twist, teams will build their very own mini golf course using only items that will be donated to the chosen charity. 

Unusual Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

In the picturesque coastal town of Bournemouth, we redefine team building with a selection of unusual team building activities that will reinvigorate your team’s spirit by doing something out of the ordinary for the day. Challenge your team with Molecular Gastronomy, an exploration of the science behind food preparation, or embrace your creative side with Mindfulness Painting, a creative and relaxing art experience that encourages self-expression and relaxation. Get your team’s moving and energy flowing with Yoga Workshops, suitable for all abilities and designed to involve active or relaxation yoga. Our ‘unusual team building ideas in Bournemouth offer a fresh approach to team bonding, unlocking hidden potentials, and boosting morale.

Competitive Team Building Events & Activities in Bournemouth

In Sunny Bournemouth, immerse your team in a day of exhilarating competitive team building activities that are bound to fuel their enthusiasm. Our extensive selection offers a variety of indoor and outdoor competitive group activities, designed to boost morale, strengthen bonds, and promote seamless teamwork. In Bournemouth, you’ll find a range of favourites that your team can’t resist. Step into the thrilling world of Crystal Challenge, where teams go head-to-head in four immersive zones, each brimming with challenging activities. Your team’s collaboration and unique skills will be put to the test as they compete for those precious crystals that lead to an epic Inflatable Crystal Dome Finale. For those who thrive on outdoor adventure, embark on the GPS Treasure Hunt through the scenic streets of Bournemouth. Teams will race against the clock and each other, completing various challenges and earning valuable points along the way. Or are you in search of a mental challenge for your team? Look no further than the Crime Scene Experience, where your team transforms into crime scene investigators, employing forensic techniques to examine evidence and deduce the culprit. Bournemouth offers a diverse range of competitive team activities that are sure to elevate team morale, instil confidence, and foster lasting connections among your team members. Let the competitive team building games ignite the spirit of competition in Bournemouth!