A healthier workforce, in both mind and body, equals a happier and more productive organisation. Who doesn’t want that? This is why we at GOTO Events have just launched a variety of mindfulness and wellness team building events to cater for your organisation’s wellbeing needs.

Why is Employee Wellbeing Important?

We’re increasingly leading busy and stressful lives. With what seems like a mile-long to-do list, both in and out of work, time to us, is seen as a luxury. This is why it is so important for businesses to take a proactive approach in their employee’s wellbeing.

According to CIPD, employees on average totalled 5.9 days off sick in 2019, with the top three causes of long-term absences being mental ill-health (59%), stress (54%) and musculoskeletal injuries (54%).

Studies also show that a business who focuses on the wellbeing of their employees have noticed an increased sense of company loyalty and boost in productivity.

With this in mind, we have collated a list below of our best 5 mindfulness and wellbeing team building events this year.

#1 Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a fun way to get your body moving and energy flowing! Whether you’re looking for a morning session for the team to kickstart the day or a way to get rid of those post-lunch slumps… yes, we all have them, then our yoga sessions might be right up your street.

Catering for all abilities, our yoga sessions are fully inclusive and offer an exciting way for everyone to get involved in some light exercise.

#2 BlenderBikes

If you’re eager to help your workplace become healthier, then you may want to try BlenderBikes, a fun and innovative way of making your favourite smoothies!

Using the wide range of ingredients and the BlenderBikes provided, our activity puts the fun back into healthy eating, by allowing you to blitz up a smoothie through pedalling! It’s a fun way to change your usual breakfast or afternoon snack into a healthier version – and getting a little bit of exercise in too!

#3 Bubblicious

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive wellbeing event, like no other, then look no further than our bubble style workshops and activities. Our Bubblicious event can be anything from a bubble display kickstarting a conference, to a half-day yoga session, incorporating bubble wrap and a life-sized bubble display!

The calming nature of life-sized bubbles should not be underestimated, with the Bubblicious experience providing a display of deep mindfulness and inner reflection. With bubble up to the size of an elephant, our event will ensure the wow factor amongst your employees.

#4 Healthy Bakeathon

Healthy eating has never tasted so sweet! If your teams is a lover of all things sweet, savoury and everything in between, but slightly less on the calories, then our Healthy Bakeathon is the perfect event.

Challenge your teammates to find their inner Mary Berry, and start making some healthy, yet delicious bakes…the competition is on!

#5 Smoothie Revitalise

An immersive experience centred around the wellbeing of an organisation. Smoothie Revitalise offers the opportunity to learn and engage in different ways, whilst tuning into both the body and mind. This team-building activity begins with a smoothie making session, where delegates will be able to learn about the nutrients each ingredient holds and learning how these can affect the body.

The event then moves onto a Tai-Chi style breathing session, where delegates through different movements and breathing techniques learn how mindfulness can be achieved. As a finale, the smoothie drinks are enjoyed, alongside relaxing dry ice aromatherapy.

Want to know more?

GOTO Events is the UK’s number one corporate events organiser, used by many of the biggest companies including Google, L’Oreal and Harrods.

We offer over 100 unique activities for both indoor and outdoor venues, emphasising team-building through engagement, competition, and entertainment, aiming to encourage communication, trust, and bonds between co-workers, colleagues and employees.

We hope you find something here from our selection of wellness team building ideas, events, and activities. If you would like to find out more or speak with an expert team building specialist, please contact us.