Can you already count the number of times your child(ren) has said “I’m Bored’? You’re not alone! If you’re having a tough time brainstorming new and inventive ideas, then this following article may be of interest to you. So, the next time your little one whines “I’m Bored!” check out our list of 101 things to do at home, with things around the house!

#1 Start the book they made you buy 6 months ago, and completely forgot about!

#2 Do an online workout class – there are some great ones out there currently including PE with Joe Wicks

#3 Plan a Scavenger Hunt using things around the house. Struggling for time, check out our Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids here

#4 Bake some cookies

#5 Turn the living room into a disco – a great way for kids to burn off that extra energy!

#6 Play Simon Says – simple, but effective

#7 Create a fashion show – not forgetting the catwalk itself and flashing torches as makeshift cameras!

#8 Complete a jigsaw that Grandma handed down to us years ago

#9 Create something out of Papier Mache

#10 Host a teddy bear picnic – indoors or outdoors!

#11 Tie-dye old t-shirts and fabrics

#12 Learn the alphabet in sign language

#13 Create a laser grid using spare string or wool – hours of entertainment

#14 Learn a dance routine – Tik Tok has some great trending ones

#15 Have a dog? Set up an agility course in the garden

#16 Do some painting

#17 Learn origami with scrap printer paper

#18 Learn some magic tricks (YouTube will be your best friend)

#19 Write a letter to someone you can’t see (it will brighten up their day when they receive it)

#20 See how many different types of insects you can find in your garden

#21 Find all the loose change in your house – you’ll be amazed at how many pennies they’ll find under the sofa!

#22 Once they’ve found the change, get them to count and sort them out into piles

#23 Search for four-leaf clovers in the garden – hours of intrigue.

#24 FaceTime or Skype family members

#25 Create an indoor fort using cushions and blankets

#26 Play “Name That Tune”.

#27 Play a classic game of hide ‘n’ seek

#28 Create a time capsule

#29 Make up a secret handshake

#30 Create your own YouTube Channel – maybe the kids could be the next toy reviewer!

#31 Create an obstacle course in the garden

#32 Host a movie night

#33 Make a friendship bracelet

#34 Create a little science experiment – a fantastic one is a Papier Mache volcano, mix baking soda and vinegar for an explosive reaction!

#35 Do some colouring in – we have a great maths based colouring-in sheet available here

#36 Host a tea party

#37 Get the kids to help rearrange their bedroom

#38 Old pans? Get them to create a band (earplugs at the ready!)

#39 Learn a new card game

#40 Make homemade bubbles

#41 Make a mood board of things they want to achieve this year

#42 Have a duvet day – PJs at the ready!

#43 Explore the world on Google Maps (we all use to love this at school)

#44 Plant a tree

#45 Do some gardening

#46 Attempt some tongue twisters

#47 Grab the helmets, knee pads and bikes and go for a cycle

#48 Mess around in the sand

#49 Create the biggest Lego tower as possible

#50 Have a mini sports day – obstacle courses, long-jump, and a 3-legged race

#51 Hide chocolates around the house and garden for the kids to find in a made-up treasure hunt

#52 Grab the coats and blankets and do some star-gazing

#53 Get arty with some pavement chalk

#54 Create a classic hopscotch

#55 Cloud spotting – what shapes and objects can you see?

#56 Wash the car = bonus for adults!

#57 Be imaginative and turn a cardboard box into a playhouse, car or boat!

#58 Play dress up

#59 Hold toy races around the house

#60 Play a board game

#61 Make daisy chains

#62 Write a story or create a play

#63 Make some homemade playdough

#64 Balloon Ping-Pong – create some makeshift bats using paper plates and sticks

#65 Create a laser grid using spare string or wool – hours of entertainment

#66 Big Toy Clean – get them to organise their toys into ‘Keep’, ‘Bin’, ‘Give Away’ piles

#67 Learn to juggle – you can use tennis balls, bouncy balls, bean bags…

#68 Learn to whistle

#69 Paint faces

#70 Play charades

#71 Make shadow shapes – shut the curtains, turn on the torches and take it in turns to make shapes on the wall

#72 Make paper airplanes with different patterns

#73 Make a collage out of scrap newspapers and magazines

#74 Set up a little grocery/mini supermarket with tins and packets

#75 Make homemade jewellery using recycled materials

#76 Hold a hula-hoop competition

#77 Leftover wallpaper roll? Create life-sized drawings

#78 Make homemade pizzas

#79 Create misfit characters – cut out heads, torsos, legs and shoes from magazines and stick them all together

#80 Finger and feet painting

#81 When an adult shouts “the floor is lava”, the kids need to vacate from the floor as soon as possible

#82 Play “I Spy”

#83 Rock painting – find some rocks from the garden and give them a little colour

#84 Plant some flowers

#85 Find your voices and host a Karaoke concert

#86 Crack open the activity books you’ve piled up over the months

#87 Cook dinner together

#88 Make puppets out of old socks

#89 Fly a kite in the garden

#90 Using old show boxes make little scenes with card, paper, glue, and sticky tape

#91 Create some frozen fruit pops

#92 Create boats out of old tubs or fruit juice boxes and float them in the bath

#93 Make a superhero cape out of old bedsheets, clothing, etc.

#94 Use watered down paint and a drinking straw to blow the paint in different directions to create aliens

#95 Draw a family tree on a large sheet of paper

#96 Invent your own board game

#97 Create homemade skittles set with toilet roll tubes and a tennis ball

#98 The simplest of games, but a genius one. Use people or animals as a theme, and firstly draw a head. Fold the paper over and pass it on… Once complete unfold the creation.

#99 Play a word association game

#100 Start a diary or journal

#101 Play musical statues


We hope that you’ve found some sort of inspiration from the list, for when your little one says “I’m Bored”. We’d love to add to this list… so please get in touch with your ideas.